Jim Carrey Rips ‘Gorgon’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Latest Political Cartoon

“She’ll turn your heart to stone,” actor/artist cautions with portrait of White House press secretary

Jim Carrey

No lie — Jim Carrey is not a fan of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In case there was any doubt about the matter.

Actor/artist Carrey turned his eye toward White House press secretary Sanders on Wednesday with his latest political cartoon, casting her as a “Gorgon” who will “turn your heart to stone.”

“Beware the Gorgon,” Carrey wrote of his Sanders portrait. “She’ll turn your heart to stone.”

That would be an apparent reference to the monster of Greek mythology — which, according to lore, was able to turn those who gazed upon it to stone.

In his portrait of Sanders, Carrey adorned her hair with the word “Lies” over and over again, like so many snakes.

Carrey didn’t specify a particular offense that inspired his latest work. However, the cartoon itself inspired a number of spirited comments.

Such as the limerick, “[T]here once was a lady named Sanders/to the crooks and the nazis she pandered/ with a mouthful of lies/ ‘I’m honest!’ she cried/peddling ‘alternative facts’ and slander.”

And, “How does she keep her stories straight when she can’t even keep her eyes straight.”

And, “This painting of @PressSec is so accurate, I thought it was a photograph; right down to the gecko-like eyes that give her a 270° field of vision.”

Gaze upon Carrey’s latest creation below.