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Jim Carrey Rips ‘Mammonite Fundamentalist’ Trump in New Artwork

”Release your 2,000 child hostages!!“ actor/artist demands of the president

Actor/artist Jim Carrey went after Donald Trump again on Thursday with his latest artwork, bringing a religious spin to his latest dig at the president.

In a message accompanying his latest work, which was posted to his Twitter account, Carrey called out Trump as a “Mammonite Fundamentalist” and demanded, “Release your 2,000 child hostages!!”

We’ll spare you the trouble of a Google search, and note that YourDictionary.com defines “Mammonite” as “One devoted to the acquisition of wealth, or the service of Mammon.”

The message was an apparent reference to the immigrant children who have reportedly been separated from their families — and, given the Ayatollah-ish facial hair and headwear that Trump is sporting in the artwork, a call-back to the Iran hostage crisis of the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Check out Carrey’s latest below.