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Jim Carrey Roasts ‘Disgusting Pig’ Trump in Latest Artwork

Actor/artist says it’s time to stop ”following this pig through the mud“

Jim Carrey took to Twitter to break down special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in the simplest way possible: He used a children’s story.

In the actor/artist latest art rendering, Charlotte, the eponymous web-owning spider in E.B. White’s classic book, spells out the words “disgusting pig” above a barn animal that appears to look like President Donald Trump. The cartoon pig is wearing a ribbon that reads, “BLUE RIBBON A-HOLE.” He definitely looks like he’s squealing and even the spider is glaring.

“Charlotte breaks down the Mueller Report,” Carrey wrote. “It’s time to stop following this pig through the mud.”

Carrey is a frequent critic of the president, depicting him in previous cartoons as a bare-bottomed baby and painting a creepy picture of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who died by apparent suicide while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges earlier this month.

In the past, Carrey has criticized Mueller as well. In May, Carrey depicted Mueller in tones reminiscent of the Cowardly Lion from “The Wizard of Oz,” following a report that Mueller would prefer to testify privately to Congress about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. Mueller publicly testified in July.

His drawings often elicit comments from people from across the political spectrum, in particular, the one from last week that showed Epstein in a body bag. The pig doodle, however, brought in criticism from an unexpected source: The verified Twitter account of another storybook pig.

“Ummmm…..maybe pick an animal that isn’t among the most intelligent, loyal, and loving, on earth?” Esther the Wonder Pig (or, rather, the person who runs her account) wrote. “Pigs are misunderstood enough as it is, and we’re WAY better looking.”