Jim Carrey Says the Election Is a Choice Between ‘Blatant Corruption’ and ‘Corruption Light’ in Latest Cartoon

“Red is dead. Do blue instead,” the comedian writes

Jim Carrey
Leon Bennett / Getty Images

With less than two weeks until the election, Jim Carrey offered a blunt critique of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

In Carrey’s latest cartoon, published on Wednesday, a blindfolded person is seated at a table with their hands on two different canned drinks: a red “blatant corruption” one, complete with toxic-looking slime pouring out of the top, and a blue “corruption light” one. A black-and-white American flag offers a bleak backdrop.

“There are 2 parties to choose from in our corporate idiocracy. Neither is perfect. But only one is guilty of criminal negligent homicide on a massive scale, and probably, treason. Red is dead. Do blue instead,” Carrey tweeted alongside his cartoon.

The comedian and artist, who also portrays Joe Biden in the latest season of “Saturday Night Live,” has long been critical of the Republican party. In another series of art shared on his Twitter account, Carrey has portrayed several prominent Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins as part of the “Hellbound Class of 2020.”

Take a look at Carrey’s latest cartoon here.


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