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Jim Carrey Serves Up Bird-Brained Inspiration With Latest Artwork

Actor/artist encourages his followers to disregard the ”tiring and terrifying time machine“ in their minds

Is Jim Carrey’s latest cartoon for the birds? That might depend on one’s perspective, but he definitely drew from an avian theme with his newest piece.

Taking a break from his pictorial reflections on America’s political landscape, actor/artist Carrey unveiled an inspirational work via his Twitter account on Friday, urging fans to ignore the “tiring and terrifying time machine” in their minds.

“Most of what goes on in your mind doesn’t deserve your attention. It’s a tiring and terrifying time machine,” Carrey wrote in a message accompanying his latest work.

“Whenever you bring yourself back to this moment you’re reborn with a new pair of eyes and a brand new song,” Carrey continued.

His message concluded, “See the world. Feel the sun. Be here. Sss’good.”

The accompanying artwork echoed the theme of rebirth and new beginnings, depicting a bird in its nest, spreading its wings and kicking a sizable portion of its eggshell toward the ground.

The image and message were in stark contrast to Carrey’s oft-scathing commentaries on President Donald Trump — and the lightened mood seemed to suit Carrey’s fans just fine, judging from the comments section of the tweet.

“You’re [sic] mind is incredible. We’re so lucky to have you in our generation,” wrote one admirer.

“Seeing this made my Friday better,” enthused another fan.

“Thank you. A lot of us need this!” read another response.

See Carrey’s muse take wing below.

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