Jim Carrey Sparks Congressional Debate With Latest Artwork

Actor/artist’s criticism of the House of Representatives is deemed too generous by some

Jim Carrey

Just how bad does the House of Representatives suck, and how long has it sucked for? These were the questions that Jim Carrey has raised with his latest artwork.

Taking a break from his sharp (sometimes very sharp) critiques of President Trump, actor/artist Carrey turned his talents toward the House of Representatives with a work published Thursday.

The artwork depicted a desk from the House of Representatives, along with the lamentation, “Great men and women once occupied these desks. The House of Representatives, 1789 – 2016.”

Carrey included a link to the voter-registration site Vote.gov with the artwork.

While Carrey’s latest reflection was a criticism of the current state of the House of Representatives — and a call to action for the upcoming midterm elections — it sparked robust discussion in the comments section of his tweet, with some opining that he was actually being too generous in his assessment.

“Going to 2016 is REALLY generous, Jim,” read one comment.

Another response read, “not that sure about that.”

“This is a fallacy,” another voice chimed in. “It has been self-serving a–holes the whole time.”

“Your cartoons are strong for who they target but let’s not forget earlier times brought us the Iraq war and a lot of other horrid policy,” read another response. “Both parties are corrupt and have failed us. Things didn’t just suddenly turn to crap in 2016. Trump is an extension of what came before.”

“Debatable,” went one particularly pithy response.

“To be fair the hpuse [sic] of reps has been f—ed longer than 2 years ago hon,” chimed in another.

It’s nice to see that, in this age of increasing partisan divide, the people of America — or at least the people of Jim Carrey’s Twitter comments section — can come together and agree that our representatives have let us down to some degree.

Behold Carrey’s latest below.