Jim Carrey Summons Darth Maul in Latest Trump-Thumping Artwork

Actor-artist calls out those who still support “this repugnant oaf” in “Star Wars”-themed artwork

Jim Carrey

The force is strong with Jim Carrey’s latest artistic anti-Trump artwork.

In his latest piece, unveiled Thursday morning, Carrey calls out those who still support the president — and casts Trump himself as “Star Wars” Sith Lord Darth Maul.

In Carrey’s message accompanying the image, the act0r-artist suggests that, if one can still support Trump, “you’re not just misinformed… you’re a Sith.”

“If u can still support this repugnant oaf, while ignoring 17 investigations, 34 indictments, 7 guilty pleas, 9000 lies, child imprisonment, money laundering, racism, misogyny, infidelity, environmental rape, and high treason, you’re not just misinformed… you’re a Sith,” Carrey says in his message.

The image itself casts Trump in the familiar horns and black-and-red visage of the “Star Wars” villain.

The White House didn’t respond immediately to TheWrap’s request for comment.

A number of commenters chimed in to opine that Carrey’s work wasn’t exactly fair — to Darth Maul.

“High-key an insult to Sith everywhere,” one commenter wrote.

“Hey! That’s insulting!” another fan weighed in. “Darth Maul is a badass and by far the best thing about the Phantom Menace don’t compare him to Trump!”

Feel free to draw your own conclusions, after viewing Carrey’s latest artwork below.