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Jim Carrey Sees ‘Sunshine Dead Ahead’ – Come November – in Latest Artwork

Actor/artist also announces gallery showing of his entire political cartoon collection

Jim Carrey is taking a decidedly sunnier outlook on life than we’re used to seeing from his politically-charged artwork with his latest creation, and you can thank the upcoming midterm election for that.

A man walks along a path lined with the colors of autumn leaves towards the huge sun on the horizon. Carrey’s caption reads: “Be there in November. Sunshine Dead Ahead. http://www.vote.gov.”

He, of course, is referring to Nov. 6, the midterm election that could shift the power in Washington D.C. if the Democratic party takes control of the House of Representatives, as many analysts have projected.

Check out Carrey’s latest below.

Carrey has been a staunch critic of President Trump, his administration and his inner circle, at different times depicting the POTUS as everything from “Greedzilla” crushing the U.S. Capitol under his feet to “The Wicked Witch of the West Wing.”

The “Kidding” star also announced the showing of his entire collection of original political art at Maccarone Gallery in Los Angeles, Oct. 23 – Dec. 1.

“Carrey’s decision to share his drawings derives not only from his own perception of our current political climate, but from a belief that freedom of speech is a right that must be exercised in order to remain protected,” a gallery spokesperson said in a statement.