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Jim Carrey Talks Turkey in Thanksgiving-Themed Political Cartoon

Weaponized poultry, anyone?

This Thanksgiving, Jim Carrey wants people to know that turkeys can be dangerous — and he’s not talking about the recent salmonella outbreak.

Actor-artist Carrey gave his Twitter followers something to be grateful about on Wednesday, gifting them with his latest political cartoon, this time with a Thanksgiving theme.

Carrey’s latest work is a fairly whimsical offering — though it does touch on the heavy topic of gun violence.

The “Kidding” star’s piece depicts a camouflage-patterned turkey, bearing tank-like treads.

“Don’t pin your hopes for family safety on a wishbone this Thanksgiving. Get the new Turkey Tank™️,” Carrey wrote of the image. “Party crashers packin’ AR-15s will run for cover when they find themselves in the crosshairs of your Turkey Tank™️ – From the ‘patriots’ that brought you Trumpy Bear!”

We’re guessing it’s probably pretty handy in gaining the upper hand during political arguments around the dinner table, too.

Check out Carrey’s latest below.