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Jim Carrey Totally Brains Himself in Latest Artwork

Actor-artist gives fans a big piece of his mind

If there was any doubt that Jim Carrey is an open-minded guy, his latest artwork will put that notion to rest.

Actor/artist Carrey unveiled his newest piece Wednesday, giving viewers a real piece of his mind — all of it, actually — in graphic detail.

Carrey’s latest artwork, posted to his Twitter account Wednesday, depicted the artist with his forehead popped open and his eye sockets empty, as his brain floated nest to him, staring at him with disembodied eyeballs.

The image also bore the message, “The prodigal son returns.”

Carrey’s message accompanying the artwork offered a philosophical take on the connection between his heart and brain, even if they’re less connected at some times than others.

“My heart and my brain are brothers. The heart beats loyally in my body, while the brain spends most its time getting lost somewhere else,” Carrey wrote.

“Whenever I bring my brain back to its brother there is harmony in the house,” the artist concluded.

Try wrapping your brain around that.

See Carrey’s latest think piece below.