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Here’s Why You Can Thank Jim Carrey’s Grade School Teacher for His Trump Art (Video)

”She knew, Jimmy! She knew,“ ”Kidding“ star tells Jimmy Kimmel

Jim Carrey revealed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday that he has been using his artistic talents to pick on people since well before Donald Trump rolled into the White House.

And the comedian certainly has a lot more affection for one of his earlier models than he does for POTUS.

“This whole thing has brought back my eight-year-old self. It’s been a gift from God,” Carrey told Jimmy Kimmel when he stopped by the late-night show to talk about his new Showtime series “Kidding” and, of course, his wildly popular caricatures of Trump.

Carrey said he has been drawing cartoons for a long time, starting off with some wild ones of his grade school teacher, Mrs. Jervadis.

“And she was a super, ultra-hip teacher,” Carrey said. “Like, literally, Grade Six — first of all, I was in the back of the class drawing pictures of her getting attacked, and missiled, and axes in her head, things like that… She took them all, she kind of scolded me but not really. And then once I got famous she sent them all back to me.”

“She saved them because she KNEW what was going to happen in the world, Jimmy!” Carrey joked. “She knew, she knew. She saw the divine spark, Jimmy!”

Watch the clip above.