Jim Carrey Wants to Know How Much Trump, uh, Defers to the Devil in Political Cartoon

“In no way do I mean to disparage the beautiful act of fellatio, whether straight or gay,” actor-artist says of his latest Trump-thumping artwork

Jim Carrey

Gulp — Jim Carrey posed a devil of a question about Donald Trump over the weekend.

“Kidding” star Carrey graced his Twitter followers with yet another pictorial reflection on the current Commander in Chief on Saturday, and it offered plenty of food for thought.

In his post, Carrey pondered whether Trump is required to ingest Satan’s, um, essence while servicing him.

Carrey began his comment on his artwork by noting, “In no way do I mean to disparage the beautiful act of fellatio, whether straight or gay.”

The actor-artist then added, “I just wanna know if the devil makes Donald swallow.”

The accompanying illustration depicted Trump with his mouth slightly open, and not looking so hot, despite the fiery playmate that Carrey cooked up for him.

A provocative piece, to be sure — and it certainly provoked its share of responses in the comments section.

“Jim Carrey’s ‘artwork’ resembles something a grade school child who took too much Ritalin would produce,” wrote one critic.

Another response offered a prayer for Carrey, and suggested that it was the actor himself who was grappling with a demon: “Father, in the Name of Jesus, bring @JimCarrey Peace in his mind and heart. Release him from whatever demon is torturing him, and plant him firmly at Your feet! Protect us all from the evil he carries, in the Name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, Amen.”

A more supportive commenter wisecracked, “The Russians may have tapes to partially answer your question.”

And yet another commenter offered Carrey the nugget, “Six more years. You can make it.”

Is Carrey’s take on Trump hard to swallow, or is it just the tonic for our troubled times? Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section, after checking out the work below.