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Jim Carrey’s Latest Cartoon Takes Grave Look at Trump’s Call to Slow Coronavirus Testing

President confirmed he wasn’t kidding when he asked to slow down testing as cases flare nationwide

Businesses may be opening back up, but Jim Carrey knows that the coronavirus pandemic has only just begun — and he’s providing a grave reminder, literally, of the consequences that have already begun as a result of Trump’s call to slow down coronavirus testing.

The comedian’s latest political-inspired artwork shows Trump giving a speech to a cemetery full of gravestones, saying “So I said, slow the testing down!”

The caption reads “Trump 2020, Reckless Endangerment Tour.”

Trump made remarks about testing at an Oklahoma rally over the weekend.

“Testing is a double-edged sword,” he said. “Here’s the bad part: When you do testing to that extent, you’re gonna find more people. You’re gonna find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please!'”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany later said that Trump was speaking “in jest” and that “any suggestion that testing has been curtailed is not rooted in fact,” but Trump contradicted his own administration Tuesday.

“I don’t kid. Let me just tell you. Let me make it clear. We have got the greatest testing program anywhere in the world. We test better than anybody in the world. Our tests are the best in the world and we have the most of them. By having more tests, we find more cases,” he said during a Tuesday gaggle with reporters after CBS News’ Weijia Jiang asked about the comments.

Carrey had one more piece of art to share on the Trump subject this week, depicting the president attempting to drink a glass of water.

“Even if Trump does learn how to lift a glass to his mouth and drink, he could never cleanse a lifetime of foul and purulent discharges,” the painting reads.

See the paintings below.

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