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Jim Carrey’s Latest Post-Impeachment Trump Artwork Has a Stench

”No matter how hard you scrub them…the poop sticks!“

If you’re familiar with Jim Carrey’s Twitter page, then you know the comedian and artist isn’t one to stay silent on the ongoing saga of Donald Trump’s presidency. In the latest addition to his growing oeuvre of satirical political art, Carrey takes aim at a post-impeachment Trump, face deep into the bowl of a poop-stained toilet with a scrubbing brush.

“And what’s wrong with toilets these days? Ya have to flush ‘em 15 times and no matter how hard you scrub them…the poop sticks! Out damn spot! Out, I say!,” the toilet bowl rim reads.

As can be seen above, the poop stains represent each of Trump’s alleged crimes or offenses, including abuse of power, tax fraud, lies (and more lies), and witness tampering and bullying. Carrey also included a few other jabs at Trump for “not being a self-made man” and for being an “unchristian hypocrite,” “lousy in bed,” and “90% illiterate.”

Last week, on the day Trump was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, Carrey had posted another piece of art featuring Trump as a Frankenstein’s creature-esque monster strangling his supposed creator, Vladimir Putin. The Trump monster also came wearing the president’s signature red tie with a “Made in China” label sewn on the back.

“That night, Donald had a very strange dream,” Carrey tweeted.