Jim Gianopulos Confirms Tony Sella’s Exit From Fox

The marketing guru is leaving the studio after 23 years

20th Century Fox’s Jim Gianopulos has confirmed that Tony Sella will be leaving the studio. Here’s an internal memo he sent to staff:

“I am saddened to advise that after 23 years at Fox, Tony Sella has decided to leave when his current contract expires in a few months. I know many of us share in the disappointment to lose from our ranks a longtime friend and colleague like Tony, and we will miss the day-to-day interaction with him. As a professional, I’ll miss his unique creative genius and style, and his commitment to his work and the company’s success. As his friend, I’ll miss his humor, his generosity of spirit, and the fun of hanging around his office.

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For Tony though, I’m happy that after years of many successful but intense marketing campaigns and stressful deadlines, he will now have the chance to explore other passions and opportunities, and continue to embrace his artistic spirit. In the interim, I’m pleased that for the next few months Tony will be remaining with Fox as a creative advisor, and I look forward to calling on his wise counsel in the months ahead.

Whatever he chooses to do next, we all know that Tony will commence this new chapter of his life with the same passion and dedication he’s displayed during his time at Fox. Working alongside him has been an honor and a privilege, and I know you join me in wishing him the best in all that lies ahead.