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Jim Jefferies Grudgingly Agrees British Monarchy Isn’t So Bad Ahead of the Royal Wedding (Video)

But he makes some monarchy experts uncomfortable while talking about the queen’s drinking, and Meghan Markle’s ex

With the wedding between American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry coming this weekend, Jim Jefferies took some time on Tuesday’s episode of his Comedy Central show to figure out how he feels about the institution. And in the process he made three British monarchy experts pretty uncomfortable when he joked about Markle’s previous relationships.

During a conversation with Ingrid Seward, Thomas J. Mace Archer-Mills (his real name), and Richard Fitzwilliams, Jefferies mentioned that he personally knows Markle’s ex-husband.

“Yes, she’s been in a few relationships, she’s been divorced,” said Seward.

“Ah, she’s been through the mill, ah yeah,” joked Jefferies, prompting a few seconds of extremely uncomfortable chuckles from his panel. Still, stiff upper lip and all that, the experts didn’t lose their cool and immediately changed the topic to Markle’s charity work.

Jeffries also asked the panel about Queen Elizabeth’s reported four-cocktails a day drinking habit.

“Is it true?” asked Jeffries.

“If things get tough she’ll have a large cocktail,” said Seward.

“So it gets tough four times a day, does it?” Jefferies asked.

“Well, it’s timed,” said Mace Archer-Mills, “between what she likes to drink and when she can drink.”

“Four cocktails a day. That means she’s a complete alcoholic,” Jefferies said, prompting several seconds of excruciating silence. “If she says that she is, I’m back on with the monarchy. I’m back in,” Jefferies joked.

Watch the clip above.