Jim Jefferies Visits Comic-Con to Mock People Opposed to Diversity in Comics (Video)

Jefferies went to San Diego last week and came back with a cool idea for a new supervillain

Last Updated: July 24, 2018 @ 9:37 PM

Jim Jefferies visited San Diego Comic-Con 2018 to figure out people opposed to greater representation in comic books, and came away convinced they’re kind of immature. But in the process, he also came up with a very topical idea for new supervillain that kind of needs a comic book now.

Jefferies started by talking to some people in San Diego who complained about things like “the diversity issue,” or “making Superman gay, or Aquaman transgender.” He then spoke to YouTuber Richard C. Meyer, a critic and comics artist opposed to diversity in superhero comics.

Declaring that Meyer’s opposition “all sounds so childish,” Jefferies then brought “some adults into the conversation,” a round table of cosplayers (and another fan) who support efforts at greater diversity in comic books.

Jefferies decided to see if he could bring the two sides together with some characters that have traits appealing to both sides. First, he proposed “Bat Zimmer-Man,” which is “Batman, but he’s Latino and he only protects gated communities.” Next up, he suggested “Black Panther’s villain, Killmonger, but now it’s played by a woman. And the way she attacks the Black Panther is by calling the cops while he’s trying to BBQ.” Sold, at least for us.

There’s other funny stuff too — like Jefferies’ pretend realization that he might be Superman, and his exasperated plea for Meyer to “wake the f— up.” Watch the whole thing above.