Jim Jefferies Compares Donald Trump to Kid Running for Class President

“He’s just walking around going, ‘And we’re gonna have TWO lunches!,'” comedian jokes about candidate’s policies in new special

Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies has been known to garner attention for poking fun at the United States’ policies on gun control, and this time was no different.

“Isn’t it sad that the country’s gotten to the stage that when you buy theater tickets you go, ‘Get ones in the aisle so we can run,’” he joked on his new Netflix special “Freedumb” before going into his bit on Donald Trump.

After pointing out that the presidential candidate’s reputation as a straight shooter is built on a series of ultimately meaningless statements about unfeasible policies that are simply easy to understand, he likened him to a child running for class president.

“He’s just walking around going, ‘And we’re gonna have two lunches!” he teased, “and a soda machine in every classroom.”

Jefferies then struck a serious tone. “Here’s where it’s not fun,” he said. “What he does is he preys on fear.”

He said that Trump’s call to put Muslims on a registry and ban all others from entering the country would signify an ISIS victory. The comedian explained that the presumptive GOP nominee’s comments are a recruitment tool for the terror group.

“He’s trying to defeat hate with hate, and hate doesn’t beat hate. It’s never f—ing beaten hate, it just makes more hate.” After prefacing his next statement by stating that it might be the most “hippie” thing he’ll ever say, the comedian remarked, “The only thing that can beat hate is love.”

He then asked the Nashville crowd to think about instances of hatred in their lives and suggested those in attendance show anyone with whom they share it nothing but love. While he said it’s unlikely to work, over time everyone will see them as the asshole.

“Don’t be the asshole, America,” Jeffries concluded.

Watch the video above.