Jimi Hendrix’s Family Sues Over Alleged Guitar Theft

Company owned by guitarist’s kin wants nearly a million dollars in new lawsuit

jimi hendrix

‘Scuse them while they sue this guy?

A company owned and operated by the family of Jimi Hendrix is suing a former family member over the alleged theft of one of the late rock icon’s guitars, according to court documents obtained by TheWrap.

The suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday by Experience Hendrix LLC, which according to the filing “runs the merchandise, music licensing and catalogue management (among other things)” of the late “Purple Haze” musician. Experience Hendrix claims that the ex-husband of Hendrix’s sister made off with a Black Widow guitar and attempted to sell it at auction.

The complaint claims that Sheldon Reynolds, former husband of Janie Hendrix (who also serves as Experience Hendrix’s CEO), wrongfully took possession of the acoustic guitar and contacted Julien’s Auctions last year for help in selling the ax.

According to the suit, Experience Hendrix had no idea that Reynolds had the guitar until Julien’s contacted the company to verify its authenticity. The suit says the guitar is the real deal — but it doesn’t belong to Reynolds.

“Defendant Reynolds claims alternatively that he obtained the Black Widow in a divorce settlement with Janie Hendrix, or that a friend of his, who helped him retrieve his belongings from Janie Hendrix’s home, was directed by Janie’s 14-year-old son to take a pile of guitars and other belongings that included the Black Widow,” the lawsuit reads. “Neither story is true, as the Black Widow is owned by Plaintiff, and has never been the property of Janie Hendrix.”

Alleging conversion, slander of title and other charges, Experience Hendrix is seeking damages of “at least $750,000.”

It also wants the Black Widow back.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.