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Jimmy Fallon and His Wax Figures Sing Beach Boys Classic ‘Barbara Ann’ (Video)

If they are taking requests, their next song should be ”Good Vibrations“

Jimmy Fallon and the Wax Jimmys may be coming to a concert hall near you sometime soon.

The “Tonight Show” host debuted a taped segment on Thursday in which he is inspecting his wax figures that will go on display at Madame Tussauds.

He is preparing to head out to start his show, and belts out a few bars of the Beach Boys 1965 classic “Barbara Ann,” which stirs the wax figures into accompanying him.

Fallon brushes it off at first and keeps singing on his own. But before he knows it he and the figures are full-on rocking out together.

But was the whole thing just a dream?

Watch the video to find out.


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