Jimmy Fallon and ‘The Love Gov’ Chris Christie Slow Jam The News (Video)

The topic: New Jersey's special election. The jokes: Mostly about Governor Christie's weight

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seems to be showing up everywhere lately.

The governor of the Garden State stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Wednesday night to "slow jam the news" of his state's Oct. 16 special election. Somewhere, Frank Lautenberg — the recently deceased Senator who is being replaced in the Senate — is probably not rolling over in his grave from laughter.

No 2016 political plans were announced during the appearance, though Christie said, "Come on Jimmy, do you really think I'd come on this show to announce a presidential run?"

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Fallon didn't just take that lying down from "Christie Crème Donut," saying when "The Love Gov…sits around the House of Representatives, he really sits around the House of Representatives."

And despite Christie's recent weight loss, there were more fat jokes that make the clip worth watching.

You decide.