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Jimmy Fallon Can’t ‘Escape’ Andy Samberg’s Heckling During ‘Pina Colada Song’ Performance (Video)


Andy Samberg — or at least his heckling alter ego with a really bad blonde wig — may not be invited back to the “Tonight Show” again after the multiple rude interjections he made during poor Peter’s (Jimmy Fallon) performance of “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” Tuesday night.

A very nervous-looking Peter (also with a bad wig) came up to the mic on the late-night stage and began to sing the Rupert Holmes classic and the poor guy couldn’t make it through one single lyric without getting some loud commentary from Samberg.

See a sample of this harassment below:

Peter: If you like Pina Coladas

Heckler: I do! I love to drink!

Peter: And getting caught in the rain

Heckler: Who would like that?

Peter: If you’re not into yoga

Heckler: I don’t exercise

Peter: If you have half a brain

Heckler: I do have half a brain!

Peter: If you like making love at midnight

Heckler: Ew! Gross!

Peter: In the dunes of the Cape

Heckler: Wouldn’t you get sand in your butt?

Peter: I’m the love that you’ve looked for

Heckler: What? We just met?

Peter: Write to me and escape

Heckler: Uh, no thanks. Hard pass.

See? So rude.

Watch the clip above.

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