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Jimmy Fallon Forgoes Donald Trump Questions in Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview (Video)

”Tonight Show“ host instead grills new ”Celebrity Apprentice“ host on reality show’s new closing catch phrase

Jimmy Fallon made a valiant effort to guess Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Celebrity Apprentice” catch phrase — while simultaneously avoiding making any mention of the reality show’s previous host Donald Trump.

Schwarzenegger has played coy with regard to what phrase he will use to axe contestants from the show in place of Trump’s “You’re fired.” Fallon figured he will use something from one of his past movies.

Choices included: “Hasta la vista, baby;” “You won’t be back;” “You’re fired! Get to the chopper!” That last one made even the stoic Arnold crack a smile.

As TheWrap previously reported, Trump will retain an executive producer credit on the reality series while he serves as president.

Schwarzenegger addressed the controversy during a press event last week. “I knew that from the beginning, that he’s an executive producer on the show,” he said. “That was on the credit when you watched the show.”

“It’s no different than when I was running for governor [of California], my credit on ‘Terminator’ still said ‘Schwarzenegger,’ and everything stayed the same. And I continued getting the royalties and all that stuff,” he added.