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Jimmy Fallon and Arnold Schwarzenegger Goof Off in a QVC Spoof (Video)

The ”Tonight Show“ host and his guest made what may be the most elaborate set-up for a single joke in recent late night memory

Jimmy Fallon will have his nightly viral nostalgia moment, no matter how elaborate a setup it requires.

The “Tonight Show” host has expertly brought in a new generation of fans by mining about 25 years of pop culture references, memories, childhood favorites, and internet memes. His YouTube channel is massive and only growing, in part because he’ll do whatever it takes to earn a solid “remember this?!” link pass.

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On Monday night, that entailed creating an entire mini-set and new QVC host character (which will likely end up with its own semi-frequent presence on “Tonight”) to get guest Arnold Schwarzenegger to say his famed line from “Predator.”

In case you’re too young to know which one we’re talking about — the film is 26-years-old, after all — watch the video above and then read this.