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Jimmy Fallon Did A Dead-on Tom Petty Impression In A Shot-For-Shot Music Video Reenactment With Stevie Nicks (Video)

This was weird, but also weirdly brilliant

Jimmy Fallon reached deep into his bag of nostalgia on Wednesday night and pulled out an off-beat gem.

Major stars have been stopping by the “Tonight Show” for Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame week — the induction ceremony in Cleveland is this weekend — and the midweek edition of the 11:35 pm hour included the surviving members of Nirvana and Stevie Nicks. Fallon refrained from impersonating Kurt Cobain — probably a good choice, given the context — but did throw on a blond wig to complete his transformation into another musical icon: Tom Petty.

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Now, everyone loves Tom Petty, but how is he relevant to Nicks and Nirvana? Well, he’s no grunge singer, but he did record a single with Nicks in 1981 called “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” the music video for which Fallon-as-Petty and Nicks (now 33 years older but still a star) reenacted in its entirety. Shot-for-shot. Which is, well, very impressive dedication to detail given that Fallon’s audience most likely had to Google the original video in the first place.

Public service: You don’t have to Google the original, as we’ve helpfully embedded it below: