Jimmy Fallon Defends Donald Trump Interview: ‘I’m Never Too Hard on Anyone’ (Video)

“Tonight Show” host also reveals that GOP nominee’s hair feels like Easter basket grass

Jimmy Fallon donald Trump hair

Jimmy Fallon gained plenty of detractors with his interview of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump last week, which many perceived as going too soft on the candidate.

But as Fallon sees it, his one-on-one with The Donald was in keeping with his show’s approach.

“The Tonight Show” host Fallon was cornered by TMZ on Sunday following the Emmy Awards, and he was asked what he thought about the criticism of the interview.

“Have you seen my show?” Fallon replied. “No. I’m never too hard on anyone.”

Last week, social media users came down on Fallon for what they perceived to be a softball interview, calling the late-night host to task.

“I can’t make any jokes about Jimmy Fallon. The way he showcased Trump like a lovable old grandpa was sickening,” went one response to the interview.

“Fallon and Trump are 2 sides of the same coin: mediocrity and evil go together,” said another.

“Next up: Fallon and Trump slow jam MEIN KAMPF. Hilarious!” went yet another criticism.

During his interview with Trump, Fallon also ran his fingers through the candidate’s famously bizarre coiffure.

Asked what the potential next Leader of the Free World’s hair felt like, Fallon replied, “You know in Easter baskets, that grass they have in the Easter baskets? It’s kind of a fascinating texture.”

Watch Fallon defend his Trump interview below.