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Jimmy Fallon Dirty Dances on Josh Hartnett During Charades on ‘The Tonight Show’ (Video)

Fallon unsuccessfully tries to act out Tina Turner’s ”Private Dancer“ for his partner, Hartnett.

Charlize Theron knew she was going to be playing a game of Charades with Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins on “The Tonight Show,” but she was joyfully surprised when Fallon invited Josh Hartnett out to play as well. Theron was paired with Higgins, while Fallon partnered with Hartnett.

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Right off the bat, Theron and Higgins were in sync, with the latter quickly picking up Theron’s clues for “Murder, She Wrote.” But when it was time for Fallon to act out his phrase for Hartnett, the show almost went completely off the rails. The phrase was Tina Turner’s classic hit, “Private Dancer.”

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With Hartnett struggling to come up with the “Private” part of the answer, Fallon made the unfortunate choice to keep dancing closer and closer to his partner. Before either men knew what was happening, Fallon was practically giving the “Penny Dreadful” star a lap dance. And it didn’t help.

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Needless to say, they didn’t get any points that round. But the pair got their act together, and pulled off a victory after winning the next two rounds. Maybe it helped that it was Hartnett doing the acting for both of them.

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