Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump Calls Obama for Advice (Video)

The host of “The Tonight Show” again dresses up as the presumptive GOP nominee

Last Updated: May 6, 2016 @ 9:45 AM

Jimmy Fallon once again dressed up as Donald Trump for a skit on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” calling a Barack Obama impersonator to trumpet his win in the Indiana primary and seek advice about his run for the White House.

In the sketch, the be-wigged NBC host declared that he is now “the Republican president.”

“And come November, I’m going to be voted Captain America,” he said. “I love Indiana, the birthplace of Indiana Jones.”

“Now that Ted Cruz dropped out, there’s only one man standing in my way,” Fallon’s Trump proclaimed.

“You mean John Kasich?” the faux Obama asked.

“No, Hillary,” Fallon’s Trump replied.

The two then commiserated about how hard it is for Clinton to shake off Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race.

“What is it with that guy?” the Obama character asked. “He’s like glitter. You know how it is. You think he’s gone and then four days later, you’re like” — he scratched at his cheek — “what the hell are you still doing there?”

“Just when you think he’s dead, he comes back to life,” Fallon’s Trump responded. “He’s like Jon Snow.”

After Fallon’s Trump revived a birther joke — “I don’t know, Kenya?” — the Obama character offered this threat: “Not that again. Don’t make me go ‘Lemonade’ on your ass.”

“You don’t want to mess with Donald with the good hair,” Fallon replied.

Watch the full video above.


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