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Jimmy Fallon FaceTimes Dwayne Johnson After The Rock Ducked 2 Kevin Hart Calls (Video)

”Kevin, to me, is like a little gremlin that I just want to take him and throw him into oncoming traffic,“ Johnson jokes

Kevin Hart was dumbfounded when Dwayne Johnson dodged two of his FaceTime calls but quickly picked up when Jimmy Fallon called him during “The Tonight Show.”

On the show, Hart told Fallon he was “so pumped up” about being on the show, but he forgot to tell one of his friends about his appearance. He then proceeded to call Johnson — twice — to no avail.

“Wait till he picks up, hold on, wait a second, let me just try,” Hart kept saying while he tried to get in touch with his pal. “He probably didn’t see it — give him two minutes. Watch this, Watch this. He’s going to go crazy… as soon as he picks up… ”

Hart was a bit surprised that his “Jumanji” costar wouldn’t pick up: “It’s honestly crazy because normally he picks up in like two seconds…”

Fallon then whipped out his phone and said he would try to call Johnson, to which Hart said, “you can try but I doubt he will pick up his phone. He would’ve picked up for me!”

Of course, Johnson answered Fallon’s call and revealed that he was heading to go shoot his new show, “The Titan Games,” for NBC.

“It’s crazy you were just FaceTiming me,” said Johnson. “Kevin Hart was FaceTiming me, just continues to text me, he just FaceTimed me two times…  I’m like dude… end it!”

He then told a story that he knew the audience would like because “they probably feel the same way.”

“Kevin, to me, is like a little gremlin that I just want to take him and throw him into oncoming traffic,” said Johnson. Hart couldn’t believe what he heard.

After the call ended, Fallon told a deeply hurt Hart that the call went to voicemail. But Hart had obviously just witnessed the entire call.

The “Central Intelligence” costars have been feuding (fake feuding, of course) on social media. The two actors prank each other while on set and doing interviews. Of course, everyone will remember The Rock’s Instagram post where he photoshopped Hart’s face onto his baby’s body and captioned, “to my beloved son… Daddy will always love and protect your tiny little soul. Even though you were delivered directly out of the butthole.”

Hart, of course, responded with his own photoshopped version, writing, “I just smacked the s— out of him in this photo. He’s also the first baby born in the world with grey hair.”

Watch the video above.