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Jimmy Fallon Drops Some Hilarious Holiday Spirit With ‘The Little Trumper Boys’ (Video)

”Pa rum pum pum pum“ has now been replaced with ”Trum Trum Trum Trump“

Move over, “Jingle Bells.”

Jimmy Fallon and the great Martin Short debuted their new holiday classic “The Little Trumper Boys” on Monday’s “Tonight Show.”

The two-minute remix of the “Little Drummer Boy” — complete with Fallon and Short dressed to the nines — features all the usual hits from Trump Land: Fake news, Hillary Clinton, and, of course, a shirtless picture of Vladimir Putin. But you also get a dose of Roy Moore as a mall Santa (yuck), and Trump’s bizarre feud with Time Magazine for good measure.

Personally, my favorite line: “He wants to build a wall, Trum Trum Trum Trump,” sings Fallon. “To keep out LaVar Ball, Trum Trum Trum Trump,” chimes in Short.

The new holiday theme song for “The Resistance” concludes with a crescendo, including a classic shot of President Trump stretching out for a tennis volley while Fallon and Short sing “Have you seen his Rump? Donald J. Trump.”

Thanks for the early Christmas gift, fellas.