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Fallon Imagines How the Rest of Biden’s Hot Mic Conversation Went: ‘Someone F–s With You, Tell Them to F–ing F– Off’ (Video)

”You f— with me, I f— with you,“ Fallon joked

President Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic saying “no one f—s with a Biden” this week, following a joint press conference with Florida governor Ron DeSantis. But “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon has an idea of what that full conversation sounded like — and it had a whole lot more F-bombs.

Biden made his comments to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy on Wednesday, after Biden appeared alongside DeSantis to update the public on hurricane relief measures. The comment drew widespread attention, both positive and negative, from predictable sources.

“Biden basically has two modes: Sweet Grandpa and Tarantino movie,” Fallon joked. “Biden sounds like a hard-nosed P.I. who wraps up cases by saying ‘No one f—s with a Biden.'”

At that, Fallon’s team tossed up an end credits sequence, complete with an executive producer credit to Donald Bellisario and ’80s crime show music. But the “Tonight Show” host didn’t stop there. He “revealed” that the conversation between Biden and Murphy actually went on a bit longer, and played the same footage over, but with new, extended audio.

“You f— with me, I f— with you,” Fallon imagined Biden saying. “You hear me motherf—er? If someone f—s with you, tell them to f—ing f— off on the horse they f—ing rode in on, you f—ing f—. Thank you, and f— you.”

Elsewhere in the monologue, Fallon also poked fun at Biden’s recent legislative moves, including the news this week that he’d be expunging felonies that people were charged with simply because of marijuana possession.

“Biden’s approval rating’s about to get high for the first time,” Fallon joked.

You can watch the full monologue in the video above.