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Jimmy Fallon, Kat Dennings Challenge Michael Douglas, Jon Cryer in Charades (Video)

You will never guess which team got to act out ”Pretty in Pink“

Charades has never seemed more intense.

Kat Dennings, Michael Douglas, and Jon Cryer appeared on Monday’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to play a few rounds of the classic party game. Fallon and Dennings were on one team, while Douglas and Cryer were on another.

Both teams scored early points when they successfully acted out clues for “The Macarena” and “House of Cards.” The audience got quite the treat when Cryer was forced to mime “Pretty in Pink,” the 1986 John Hughes movie in which Cryer played Molly Ringwald’s best friend Duckie.

Fallon seemed to nearly have a heart attack when he correctly guessed “Spongebob Squarepants” with just seconds left on the clock. The teams then moved into a speed round, with both Fallon and Douglas acting out the John Steinbeck novella “Of Mice and Men.”

Watch the video.

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