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Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda Join Forces for ‘Two Goats in a Boat’ (Video)

It’s like ”Green Eggs and Ham“ — but with goatees

You know about “No Shave November,” but have you heard about “Goatee Summer”? Oh, no? Well, then clearly you haven’t seen the new video promoting Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s preferred facial hairstyle for the warmer months: “Two Goats in a Boat.”

Allow us to introduce you to it.

On Friday, the “Tonight Show” host posted a clip to Instagram of himself shaving a “pretty decent” goatee and then “wishing” he had someone to share it with. Enter “Hamilton” creator Miranda.

The two hop in a canoe, rockin’ their sweet goatees and life vests, and proceed to sing a song they created especially for the occasion.

The best way we can describe the track is a musical version of the story “Green Eggs and Ham,” but with Fallon and Miranda rhyming everything they can think of with “goat.”

“We’re just two goats in a boat/Two goats in a boat/Goats down to our throats/Two goats in a boat/Under bridge hitting notes/Two goats in a boat/Trying to think of senior quotes/Two goats in a boat/Listening to Hall & Oats/Two goats in a boat.”

Watch the clip above to see the riveting conclusion of this song, because we don’t feel like spoiling all the sick rhymes for you.