Jimmy Fallon and His Cod Are the Worst Football Party Guests (Video)

Luke Bryan and Tariq can come tailgate anytime

Last Updated: December 2, 2019 @ 7:20 AM

Now that we’re all recovering from a long weekend of overeating and NFL football, can Jimmy Fallon interest you in some cod? No? Right, Luke Bryan and Tariq Trotter feel the same way.

Last night, following NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” the “Tonight Show” host, the country star, and the man who also goes by Black Thought performed an ’80s rap about the worst possible football party food. Readers should be aware of what they’re getting from Fallon’s Football Party Patrol.

Watch the video above.

The full lyrics from the Fallon sketch are below, courtesy of “The Tonight Show’s” terrific digital team.

We are the Football Party Patrol
Getting your party out of control! So when you need snacks for the big game,
Call the party patrol, we’ll save the day!

Got the wings marinating in the fridge

With the sauce so hot it’ll burn your lips!

If you need a drink, well we’ve got ‘em all!

Cheese curls, cheese puffs, and of course–

Cheese balls!

Got a jersey on of your favorite player

Got that dip made of seven layers!

All our friends coming to this house,
Just use a napkin, don’t wipe on the couch!

And I brought fifteen pounds of cod,
I caught it in the sea with my fishing rod!
Cod is the perfect football snack,
Loaded with omega-3s, that’s the “good fat”

(speaking) sounds good, right? Guys?

Cool, but what about the chips and guac?
All I wanna do is eat that guac
I wish I could get paid in guac,
Avocado, jalapeño’s how I like to rock

Then bop a jalapeño popper
Queso so hot it’s a popper shocker
Can’t get enough of these football snacks

But it stinks like fish and that’s kinda wack!

That’s on account of the cod I brought
I put it the microwave to make it hot
The bad smell’s from the fishy steam
Crammed with phosphorus and protein

Maybe we can put the cod in the freezer?

Or we could eat it, that’d be easier!

How about we put all the cod outside?

Sure, then I’ll bring more cod inside!

Maybe we could put the cod in the trash?

No! Nobody’s going to put the cod in the trash! Everybody is going to eat the cod because I brought it, and that’s the end of it! Kay? If someone brings a dish to a party, you try it. Ya try it! One bite! That’s the rule. That’s the party patrol politeness rule!

So maybe we were too hard on the cod

Now you’re on your way to a killer bod

A football snack fresh from the sea

Dense white flesh? Yeah that’s for me!

We are the Football Party Patrol,
Getting your party out of control!
So if you need snacks for your squad
Call the party patrol, and we’ll bring the cod!

This one kinda reminds us of another classic:

Thank goodness for YouTube.


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