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Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short, Steve Martin Spoof Soap Operas on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

The NBC late-night host plays Short’s husband in ”Tensions“

Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short gave us a taste of ’90s soap opera magic on Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

Fallon introduced the parody by telling his audience he and his guest starred in a short-lived soap opera called “Tensions,” which only lasted for three episodes. “I remember the producers wanted to make every single moment as tense as possible,” Short said.

Fallon and Short played a husband and wife, who fight at every opportunity. Short accosts Fallon for the simple act of eating a sandwich before slapping him and throwing a glass of water in his face.

In episode two, the pair argues over Fallon’s need to blink before he gets slapped, has a vase broken over his head, and then has water thrown in his face.

In the final clip, Fallon accuses Short of having an affair. The comedic icon denies it, but then Steve Martin shows up to create more drama.

Watch the video above.