Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph Thrash With Prince at SNL 40th After-Party (Video)

Cellphone videos surface of Prince performing “Let’s Go Crazy” to a lively room of celebrities

Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Tim Kazurinsky recently released a video he shot on his mobile phone of Prince performing “Let’s Go Crazy” at the private, star-studded after-party for SNL’s 40th anniversary that happened last year.

Prince charmingly altered the first spoken lyric, introducing the song by saying, “Dearly, inebriated,” before launching into the infectious hit.

The turn of phrase was an appropriate one as a drunken Jimmy Fallon can be spotted stage right, thrashing to the epic performance, and at one point does some backup singing. Maya Rudolph also appears dancing on the video.

Other celebrity partiers in the room that night included Bill Murray, Chris Rock, Emma Stone, Jim Belushi, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Martin Short.

Other footage taken of the performance also appeared on SNL’s tribute show to Prince on Saturday night, and alternate versions are cropping up online.