Jimmy Fallon Checks Out Taxes on Trump’s Gross Income: ‘Selling Bibles for $60, That’s Pretty Gross’ | Video

“Next, under marital status he wrote, ‘it’s complicated,'” the “Tonight Show” host jokes

Jimmy Fallon said on Friday’s episode of “The Tonight Show” that he got his hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns. The joke comes because Monday is April 15, which is when taxes are due (unless you filed for an extension).

And the host joked that the information on Trump’s tax returns is, indeed, “pretty gross” — particularly his selling of Trump-endorsed, Lee Greenwood-branded Bibles.

“Everyone’s working on their taxes and get this, we actually got our hands on former President Trump’s tax return,” Fallon said in his monologue. “It’s, it’s pretty interesting. Take a look. First up under ‘gross income,’ he wrote, ‘Selling Bibles for $60.’ That’s, that’s pretty gross. That’s pretty gross.”

“Next, under marital status he wrote, ‘It’s complicated.’ And finally, under place of residency, he wrote, ‘Court,’” Fallon continued.

“Speaking of Trump, on Monday here in New York City, his first-ever criminal trial begins,” the host said. “As we speak, Trump is frantically adding a second red line on a COVID test with a magic marker.” Fallon was clearly referencing this.

Fallon also told some jokes about the fact that the Golden Bachelor is getting divorced.

“Don’t laugh out loud. Come on. This is after just three months of marriage. Yeah,” he said. “You could tell the relationship was in trouble a few weeks ago when Gary turned off his hearing aids. You know, ‘Gary, are you listening to me?’ Apparently the marriage got off to a rocky start. Gary said, ‘Even with all the glaucoma, I saw this coming.’”

Then Fallon talked about some rather cool news — Japan is sending someone to the moon. “This was just announced, that a Japanese astronaut will become the first non-American ever to land on the moon. Yep, and Shohei Otani just signed up his interpreter to be the test pilot,” Fallon joked.

Watch the whole monologue above now.


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