Jimmy Fallon Offers Mother’s Day Advice for Donald Trump and Melania | Video

The “Tonight Show” host also delivers a holiday song on acoustic guitar for all the moms out there

In his monologue heading into Mother’s Day weekend, Jimmy Fallon tried to offer some (comedic) advice for former President Donald Trump.

“This Sunday is Mother’s Day,” Fallon began. “So, for the next 48 hours, if you see an Amazon delivery van, pull over like it’s an ambulance, OK?”

He continued, noting that people will spend around $250 on Mother’s Day gifts.

“But don’t worry, the best gift is free — which is taking the kids somewhere so mom can have five minutes of peace!” Fallon quipped. “That’s what they want.”

“Also, just a quick word of advice to former President Trump,” Fallon added, addressing the Republican candidate. “Whatever you were thinking of spending on Melania this year, I’d double it.”

Fallon ended his monologue with a song describing the difference between how we address our moms in different countries and regions. The song has some real Adam Sandler “Chanukah Song” vibes and served as a throwback to when Fallon made his name delivering simple songs on “Saturday Night Live.”

The options ranged from “madre” to “mamma mia,” with some of the quirkier options including treating your mom like Taylor Swift and calling her “mother.”

This week’s Thank You Notes segment included Fallon writing notes to a variety of subjects, including “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.” As he showed an ape with a bit of orange-red hair, Fallon sent the film his appreciation for showing us what it would look like if King Kong and Ron Weasley had a baby together.

Elsewhere in the monologue, Fallon took some shots at Republican candidate Trump’s interview with Telemundo, where he explained how he balanced family life with his legal issues.

Trump responded, “I’m able to put it aside and to think about other things. I can — I’m very ambidextrous, so to speak. I can do a lot of things at one time.”

Fallon added, following Trump showing he had no idea what “ambidextrous” meant, that the Spanish subtitle read, “Muy incorrecto.” Dropping into his Trump voice, the host added, “I’m also ‘bilingual,’ which means I like men and women.”

Outside of politics, Fallon addressed a new $5 meal on the McDonald’s menu.

“McDonald’s won’t say how they’ve reduced costs, but on the menu, the word ‘chicken’ is now in quotes,” Fallon jested. “It’s a fine line for McDonald’s, ’cause when prices get too low, customers are like, ‘What aren’t you telling us? I mean, why — Why is it this cheap?’”

Watch the full Jimmy Fallon monologue from Friday’s “Tonight Show” at the top of this story, including his Mother’s Day song, Thank You Notes and more jokes. The show also has a two-hour 10th anniversary special featuring all of its best bits and guests coming up this Tuesday night, May 14.


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