NY Mets Star Matt Harvey Asks Fans What They Think of Matt Harvey During Fallon Segment (Video)

No one recognizes the star pitcher, who will start the MLB All-Star game Tuesday for the National League

New York Mets fans love pitcher Matt Harvey. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they know who he is.

Some fans in the Big Apple probably wouldn't even recognize the all-star pitcher if he was standing there on street, talking to them. Which is exactly what he did for Monday's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

The subject at hand was "Matt Harvey." While people had positive things to say about the special correspondent, the man-on-the-street interviews became even more awkward when the unsuspecting interviewees copped to seeing Harvey naked … in the ESPN "The Body" issue, that is.

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One guy was even wearing a Harvey jersey, declaring Harvey is his favorite player, and still didn't put it together himself. Photos and baseball trading cards didn't help a number of the other fans. That's gotta make a guy feel beloved in his own city.

In the hilarious segment, Harvey proved that he is as good on the microphone as he is on the mound. Considering the guy is starting the MLB All-Star game Tuesday, that's pretty darn good.

Watch the video: