Fallon Says DeSantis Is Already Polling So Well for President That ‘He’s Only 5 Points Away From Trump Calling It Rigged’ (Video)

“On Thanksgiving, [Trump] won’t know whether to throw ketchup against the wall or gravy,” Fallon joked

It appears that Florida governor Ron DeSantis might truly be a challenger to twice impeached former president Donald Trump in 2024, at least according to new polling. And with that polling, Jimmy Fallon is pretty sure Trump is already loading up his usual election lies.

Though DeSantis hasn’t actually declared that he’ll run for president in 2024 yet, many pundits speculate he will, though most question who the GOP at large would fall in line with to give the nomination to. Well, according to The Hill, a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey showed that, since last month, the Florida governor’s standing in a hypothetical primary with Trump improved by 11 points, while Trump’s dropped nine points.

“This is how close DeSantis is: he’s only five points away from Trump calling it rigged,” Fallon joked. “That’s close. That’s close.”

In reality, DeSantis’ new standing polls at 28 percent, while Trump is still at 46 percent. But again, that poll is for a hypothetical primary more than a year away. That said, it does seem to indicate that Trump’s grasp on the party has slipped, especially after most of the candidates he endorsed for the midterm elections lost their bids.

“Trump can’t be happy. On Thanksgiving, he won’t know whether to throw ketchup against the wall or gravy,” Fallon mocked. “Yeah, he doesn’t know.”

The “Tonight Show” host has called on the twice impeached former president’s past with ketchup in many monologue punchlines lately, joking earlier this week that the special counsel appointed to oversee multiple criminal investigations into Trump has all the evidence he needs thanks to Trump’s fingerprints being enshrined in ketchup on the documents he took to Mar-a-Lago.

Fallon is, of course, referring all the way back to Cassidy Hutchison’s testimony to the January 6 committee, in which she revealed that after an interview with The Associated Press in December 2020 in which William Barr said there was no widespread voter fraud, Trump was so angry he actualy threw his plate of food, leaving “ketchup dripping down the wall.”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.