Jimmy Fallon Stares Down Donald Trump in ‘Tonight Show’ Sketch

“I’m a like Greek God that just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte,” host says while simultaneously impersonating GOP frontrunner and interviewing him

Last Updated: September 11, 2015 @ 9:29 PM

Jimmy Fallon had a man in the mirror moment on Friday, impersonating Donald Trump while interviewing the real Donald Trump in the mirror to open “The Tonight Show.”

“Let’s be honest, Fallon’s a lightweight,” the fake Fallon-Trump said. The real Donald responded: “Me interviewing me, that’s what I call a great idea.”

Fallon-Trump asked Trump a series of questions, starting with whether he’s ready for the CNN debate next week. “I’m always ready,” Trump said. Fallon-Trump cautioned Trump using signature Trump verbiage: “It’s not just big, it’s HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.”

How are you going to create jobs in this country?” Fallon-Trump asked. “I’m just going do it,” Trump said assertively.

“Genius!” Fallon-Trump shot back. “How else do you plan to help the middle class?” he followed up.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 2

“Look–I’m really rich,” Trump said, saying we need to cut corporate taxes and cut spending, but unfortunately for him Fallon-Trump was mimicking Trump’s hand gestures. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, I was too busy looking at my beautiful reflection–I’m a like Greek God that just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte,” Fallon-Trump said

Fallon-Trump concluded the interview by asking the question on everyone’s mind: Is Trump selecting Gary Busey as his Vice President?

“I love Gary, he’s fantastic, but more of a Supreme Court Justice in my opinion,” Trump said about Busey, revealing he’ll probably select Kanye West as his running mate.

Watch the video here.

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