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Jimmy Fallon Teams With Paul McCartney, Eddie Vedder and Justin Timberlake for New Album

"Late Night" wise guy Jimmy Fallon gets some heavy-duty help for upcoming comedy offering "Blow Your Pants Off"

Jimmy Fallon is getting by with quite a little bit of help from his friends on his upcoming comedy album "Blow Your Pants Off." And as it turns out, he has some pretty influential people among his friends.

Paul McCartney, Eddie Vedder, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Springsteen and Stephen Colbert are among the big names that team with Fallon on the album, which goes on sale June 12 and culls much of its material from skits on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

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McCartney joins in with Fallon on "Scrambled Eggs," which Beatles fans will recognize as the original title for "Yesterday," while Timberlake and Fallon deliver a hip-hop retrospective with "History of Rap."

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Vedder, meanwhile contributes to "Balls in Your Mouth," a time-honored holiday classic that has delighted families for generations.

Other guests include NBC News anchor Brian Williams, Dave Matthews and country group Big & Rich.

The full track listing for "Blow Your Pants Off" follows.

 1.  Neil Young Sings “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”
 2. History of Rap (feat. Justin Timberlake)
 3. Tebowie
 4. Scrambled Eggs (feat. Paul McCartney)
 5. The Doors Sing “Reading Rainbow”
 6. Balls In Your Mouth (feat. Eddie Vedder)
 7. My Upstairs Neighbors Are Having Sex (And Listening To The Black Eyed Peas)
 8.  Bob Dylan Sings “Charles in Charge”
 9. Walk of Shame (feat. Dave Matthews)
10. Slow Jam The News (feat. Brian Williams)
11. New French Girlfriend
12. Cougar Huntin’ (feat. Big & Rich)
13. You Spit When You Talk
14. Friday (feat. Stephen Colbert)
15. Neil Young Sings “Whip My Hair” (feat. Bruce Springsteen)