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Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes Shout-Out ‘Inspiring’ Bernie Sanders and… NASA? (Video)

”Tonight, treat yourself to that whole bag of Werther’s Originals. You’ve earned it,“ he tells Sanders

Jimmy Fallon brought back his Thank You Notes bit for his “At Home Edition” of “The Tonight Show” Friday, and he had some timely shout-outs for Bernie Sanders, the coronavirus quarantine and even NASA.

“Thank you, Bernie Sanders, for running such a principled and inspiring presidential campaign. Tonight, treat yourself to that whole bag of Werther’s originals. You’ve earned it,” Fallon said.

The host’s set-up is getting more and more low-tech as the weeks in isolation drag on. He did all of this from his makeshift “Tonight Show” desk at home, while manually swiping through stock photos on his laptop screen.

He also paid tribute to what have become hallmarks of American life during this pandemic.

“Thank you, quarantine, for bringing out the best in Americans — our resilience, our acts of support for one another and, for some reason, an obscene amount of banana bread,” he said.

“Thank you, wearing face masks when you leave your house, for making every trip to the grocery store feel like ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.”

“Thank you, changing your bedsheets, or as it’s called now, cleaning your office.”

He also gave a cheeky shout-out to NASA.

“Thank you, NASA researchers, for announcing there’s gas coming from Uranus,” he said, adding after a pause, “I think there was a joke there.”

Here are some more of his other good quips:

“Thank you, everybody leaving a Zoom conference, for giving me a brief moment to see how my co-workers are really feeling,” he said, pretending to log off while rolling his eyes.

“Thank you, recently released Coachella documentary, for making me feel nostalgic about a woman in a flower crown hugging me and then vomiting on my back.

“Thank you, not wanting to waste food, for justifying last night’s onion and cookie dinner.”

Watch the clip above.