Jimmy Fallon Jokes Trump’s Biden Debate Will Be Hard to Schedule Since He’s Always Due in Court | Video

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s hypothetical conflicts revolve around medical appointments and his bedtime

Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show"
Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" (NBC)

Jimmy Fallon mocked the potential debate between Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, teasing that it might be challenging to schedule since one of them has several court appearances coming up before the 2024 election.

“President Biden and former President Trump are set for a rematch, and Trump just said that he will debate Biden anytime, anywhere, any place,” Fallon began his “Tonight Show” monologue following Thursday’s State of the Union address.

The late night host recounted: “First, Trump said, ‘I’ll debate you anytime, anywhere, any place,’ then Biden said, ‘I’m game, How’s Tuesday at 1 p.m.?’ And Trump said, ‘You’re on! Oh wait, I can’t I’m in court that day. How’s Wednesday at noon?’ And Biden said, ‘I’ll be there. Wait, no, I’ll be at the doctor getting my bones tightened. How’s Friday at 3 p.m.?’ And Trump said, ‘It’s on, wait, I can’t, court again. How about Monday at 4 p.m.?’”

Fallon’s hypothetical exchange continued as Biden offered excuses due to his old age, while Trump provided legal ones.

“Biden said, ‘Let’s do it. Wait, I’m gonna do a lap around the Rose Garden. So I’m booked all day. How’s next Sunday at 10 a.m.?’ And Trump said, ‘It’’s on like Donkey Kong. Wait, sorry. I’m getting Botox before my new mugshot. How’s Tuesday at 7 p.m.?’ And finally, Biden said, ‘You’re on. Dammit, that’s my bedtime.’”

Before getting into his bit, Fallon’s monologue responded to the State of the Union address, joking that it was a cultural moment as big as the Super Bowl.

“Well, guys, if you’re watching at home, I assume you’re still cleaning up from your big State of the Union Party,” he began the show’s segment. “What kind of wings do you want? Right wing, left wing?”

Watch the full segment below:


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