Jimmy Kimmel Invents Game Show ‘Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?’ (Video)

If you don’t have an “Aleppo moment,” you could be up for fabulous prizes

Jimmy Kimmel took another swing at Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on Thursday by poking fun of his intelligence with a new game show called “Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?”

Kimmel began by running down Johnson’s biggest gaffes, such as not knowing that Aleppo is a war-torn city in Syria or not being able to name a single world leader.

He then took the media to task for asking Johnson all sorts of “gotcha questions,” since it is painfully obvious that Johnson doesn’t know anything.

Then Kimmel debuted the fake trailer for “Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?” If contestants are able to name a single world leader, they are basically guaranteed to win.

Watch the video above.