Jimmy Kimmel Asks Wives the Weiner Question: Would You Leave If Husband Had a Sexting Problem? (Video)

At least one wife said she'd "do some damage to that penis"

Newlywed Jimmy Kimmel asked a few wives strolling Hollywood Boulevard how they'd react if their husbands pulled an Anthony Weiner and texted photos of his penis to various women. Would they be understanding, like Huma Abedin? Or would they exit that marriage, like many people think Huma Abedin should do?

The results were amusing. One wife said she'd be fine with her husband's mobile indiscretions provided that the photos were artfully done: "I would hope it was a good picture and the lighting was right."

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Another wife wasn't so understanding. "I would probably do some damage to that penis," she said, as her husband looked very, very scared.

And the last wife interviewed showed a heretofore unknown side: "If I'm involved then that's fine," she told the interviewer.

Her husband responded with a surprised "really?" Quickly followed by: "I have a lot of texts to send."

Watch the video: