Jimmy Kimmel Writer Bess Kalb Mocks ‘Snowflake’ Trump for Blocking Her on Twitter

Kalb seems to have gotten under the president’s thin skin

Donald Trump Bess Kalb

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” and New Yorker writer Bess Kalb was one of the many who took shots at Donald Trump’s latest tweets. But she was shocked to discover the president of the United States blocked her Twitter account, apparently in response.

“”Oh boy, honey. I’ve tried to lay off and let you be president like you said you would, but this is a new kind of simplistic rhetoric,” she said in the tweets that got her blocked. “I know you’re trying to pivot away from how embarrassing the big trip was for all of us to watch (Pushing! Pope! Saudi bowling!) but….this? Honestly, hun, this is all so far over your head. If you need to have another ‘bone spur’ and let Mike take over, no one will blame you.”

Once she discovered she had been blocked, she accused him of being too delicate to handle criticism — using the word “Snowflake,” an insult conservatives lob at liberals they consider oversensitive.

Kalb capped off her jokes with an “official press statement” on Instagram, which consisted of her trying to explain Trump’s block to her two sleeping cats.

No mother should have to explain the President blocking her to her garbage sons.

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