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Jimmy Kimmel Says Bill Barr ‘Looks Like if Elton John Had Conversion Therapy’ (Video)

ABC late-night show ”Schoolhouse Rocks“ all those Mueller Report redactions

Jimmy Kimmel has reviewed the Mueller Report, and he does not like what he sees. It’s the same when he looks at Bill Barr, to be honest.

The ABC late-night host said Thursday that Trump’s defense attorney general “looks like if Elton John had conversion therapy and it worked.”

William Barr is the fella responsible for all of those many, many redactions in the edited version of the Mueller Report we get to read. Kimmel had a really good time presenting a new, heavily black-out page where we can only read the headline: “The [Redacted Letter]ee Tape.”

Kimmel then called up the real report’s fully black Page 30, which he said is not so much a redaction as it is “a close-up photo of Rudy Giuliani’s teeth.”

Cue to “ooo’s” (notice we did not say “booos”) from the Hollywood Boulevard studio audience.

“No, I’m just saying that because his teeth are horrible,” Kimmel tacked on, clearly putting everyone’s minds at ease.

A little later in last night’s monologue, Kimmel and his writers took viewers to (elementary) school, rolling an animated, musical explanation of all those redactions. Yeah, he “Schoolhouse Rock-ed” Robert Mueller’s Russian-collusion report.

Take it away, Redaction Jackson.

Watch the video above.

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