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Jimmy Kimmel Catches Fashion Week Wannabes in ‘Lie Witness News’ (Video)

Betsy Ross has some amazing designs this fall

As TV’s leading cynic, Jimmy Kimmel had no choice but to expose the human frailty that underlies the brash opulence of New York Fashion Week.

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The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host sent his trusty Lie Witness News team to Manhattan for the event, where they asked various journalists and participants questions about some of the hottest — and phoniest — designers.

It doesn’t look all that great for the wannabes lingering around the Lincoln Center, but it actually does more to tear apart the fashion world’s experts. If the people on camera can throw out various design terms and buzzwords about things they’ve never seen, and more or less sound credible (aside from, well, ascribing them to Chandler Bing and Betsy Ross), what does it mean for the big name experts who use the same terms?

One quibble: Teddy Ruxpin is fashionable.