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Jimmy Kimmel Catches Sacha Baron Cohen Selling COVID Vaccines to Celebs (Video)

As part of his Oscar campaign for ”Borat 2,“ Cohen is hooking up his famous friends

If you want a COVID vaccine, Sacha Baron Cohen can apparently hook you up — if you’re a celebrity. Jimmy Kimmel “caught” Cohen in the act on Thursday night.

Stopping by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” and his recent Golden Globes wins, the writer/actor made it clear that the “Borat” sequel was about more than just doing a fun sequel to a beloved original. “Jimmy I’m not here to talk about fun, it was important to make this film,” Cohen said. “I really wanted to expose the hypocrisy, those using power to get ahead, criminality.”

Cohen then brought his interview to a full stop when he received a call. After a few seconds, Cohen turned to open the mini-fridge behind him, revealing what appeared to be a small stockpile of COVID-19 vaccines. “Yep, I’ve got Astrozeneca, I’ve got some Pfizer, what do you want?” Cohen says to the caller.

Turns out, he’s been selling vaccines to his celebrity friends, including Bono, Kanye and Mark Ruffalo. Even Tom Cruise apparently tries to get in on the action, though he’s denied by Cohen because “You don’t need me mate, you’re old enough to get it legally.” (Cruise is in fact not old enough, as he’s only 58 years old).

Cohen seems to be handling his sales via burner phones — which promptly get destroyed — along with help from his wife Isla Fisher, who makes multiple appearances throughout the bit.

Of course, Kimmel himself can’t just sit quietly. He repeatedly asks Cohen if he is in fact selling COVID vaccines to celebrities out of his house, to which Cohen does not appreciate. “Stay out of this Kimmel” Cohen warns. “Look after that pretty face of yours. There’s no vaccine for broken legs.”

But according to Cohen, this isn’t just selling vaccines for the sake of selling vaccines. “This is my Oscar campaign,” Cohen jokes. “Put it this way, none of the Hollywood Foreign Press are catching COVID any time soon.”

Watch the full video above.